Suburban Backyard Aquaponics

Fish and plants in a closed loop cycle, fit entirely in a suburban backyard in Los Angeles, California. See the aquaponic system in action in the video below:

GoPro Shark Attack

A spear-fisherman fends off a shark during his SCUBA dive while collecting reef fish. The shark must have smelled blood in the water… and swarms the diver! See video here:

Video Mockumentary: Alcohol and Monkeys on the Beach

A spoof “BBC Documentary” clip about beach monkeys that steal alcohol from unsuspecting humans on the beach. Apparently the monkeys have developed an addiction pattern that mimics that of their human counterparts… See the comedy video here:

Whales Almost Eat Divers

Just off the central California coast, a group of divers thought it would be cool to try to film whales feeding. They got a bit too close to the action… Luckily they didn’t pull a Pinocchio and get swallowed whole:

The Modern-Day Minimalist-Sailor’s Life

Check out this young woman who lives entirely upon her sailboat. Everything she owns, she takes with her on her boat. It’s a minimalist lifestyle on the high seas! Check video below:

The Complete Story of the Water Cycle

Courtesy of the Surfrider Foundation comes “The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water,” a documentary about how we currently use water. Our current system results in a high level of waste and pollution, and is a system that we can change using techniques already available.

Surfrider also presents basic solutions in the film that you may be able to incorporate into your daily life to reduce the amount of pollution that reaches the ocean.

Please enjoy:

FAST Surf Village of the Netherlands

F.A.S.T. (Free Architecture Surf Terrain) Surf Village is simply a small collection of shipping containers right on the beach of Scheveningen, Netherlands.

However, these containers have been completely re-imagined, redesigned, and renovated to create an entire surfer’s village. Complete with hostel, restaurant, bar, surf shop, and stage, the entire village has no permanent buildings or foundation-based architecture, and can therefore be removed from the beach at anytime.

At the village you can find surf lessons, skate boarding lessons, concerts, artist’s displays, parties, and plenty else to keep you busy. See the mini-documentary of how it was created and what it’s like today here:

Garrett Does It Again: New Big Wave Record

The news broke a few days ago: Garrett McNamara has broken his big wave record. His previous record of a 77-foot wave has just been topped by what is rumored to be a 90-foot wave. Watch the video here:

And check this video of Garrett speaking about the wave in an interview on CNN:

Sunshine and Mangrove Trees

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile… I was in the Florida Keys trying to escape the cold Winter!

Now I’m back, and here’s a video of a paddle I did through John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo, Florida. Absolutely beautiful nature to be found in The Keys. I highly recommend going if ever you find a way!

Peep the video here:

Surfing The Qiantang River in China

Check out this video of a nice little river wave shot on China’s Qiantang River. The phenomenon is known as a tidal bore, a wave created when the power of the ocean is funneled directly into a river, creating a wave. Qiantang river waves have been known to get as high as twenty feet. Peep this one: